Math Teacher Mambo -- Written by Ms. Cookie, a 14 year veteran of teaching high school math in Texas. She shows activities that her kids are doing in class by displaying student's work. Its neat to see great examples of the activities to kind of validate them as useful instead of "fluff". Ms. Cookie also provides copies of worksheets and guides to activities that I will definitely be checking back to "steal."

Mister Teacher -- This blog is full of resources and links to the mister teacher website that is also full of resources. It covers all subjects but there is the ability to search for course specific posts. Resources include web based activities and mini movies.

Teaching College Math -- This blog is actually part of a website so the link is to the website and the blog can be found under the "Favorites" tab. I know the title references college math but the author, Maria Anderson, provides plenty of relevant information for high school math as well. Plus, I like to see a little beyond what we're trying to accomplish at the high school level. There are also good ideas and resources introduced in regard to technology that relates to the math classroom.