Assignment #7 Journal Reflection

I expect two areas of impact with this technology in the classroom. First of all I see it as engaging. The number of quality instructional apps will hold student’s interest and continue to peak their curiosity. The iPad is a resource full of other resources sure to hold their attention. But more than just engaging, I see the iPad having a great impact on student achievement. The opportunities for differentiated instruction will meet kids where they are at and take them to the next levels. Teachers try to do that now but the iPad will make it much more possible and successful.

The iPad is definitely going to continue to be a part of my classroom. I’m hoping to use it to both introduce new material (hopefully with the vga cord I learned about in class) and to assist students who need more help to learn certain topics. I like the podcasts that are available to show as well. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to write a grant or something to get a classroom set of iPads to make them even more a part of my classroom. On a personal level, I know my children will keep playing games, both mindless and educational. I’m also quite sure my wife will use it more as she learns more about it.

I learned many things from others but I’ll definitely use two things from Jill and two things from Kristi the most. Jill told me about some math apps that have students practice adding and subtracting signed numbers. I had mentioned to her that I liked the flash-card-life apps but I was disappointed they didn’t use signed numbers. She also walked me through setting up and using drop box to get my pictures for the animoto video. I will definitely be using more drop box in the future. Though it was part of the class and Kristi was the teacher, I really liked learning about animoto and I’m already planning a little father’s day gift using animoto for my father-in-law. (I should give credit to Jessica here too because I most definitely stole that idea from her.) The other thing that Kristi showed me was the flexbooks from the CK-12 Foundation. I will be exploring and hopefully using more of those.

The app I shared about today was Geometry Tutor. I used it in my classroom this spring to split the class a little bit, letting the more independent and ready students watch the video tutorials to do their work. I then kept a group of students in a more traditional setting where I was giving explanations and examples on the board and answering the questions that arose. I did end up also helping some in the other group of students but they were highly engaged and asking good questions. That’s when I really like my job. I’m thankful I can now use the iPad as another tool to make that happen.