10 Educational Apps

iFactor -- This is a tool used to factor quadratic equations.

MathTerms -- As described, a nice glossary of math terms with helpful pictures and diagrams.

Math Drills -- Basically flash cards with math facts.

VaultBreaker -- Similar to the classic game of "MasterMind", except with numbers instead of colors. A great game of logic and deduction.

iMathematics! -- A tutorial on many math topics. Includes formulas, calculators, graphs, and the ability to write use the iPad as "scratch paper".

Algebra Touch -- A fun, interactive way to progress through skills needed in Algebra, probably used for students who are struggling as a way to re-teach.

Geometry Tutor -- A quality geometry tutorial with video's explaining terms and processes. This could be used to both introduce or review material.

Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant -- This is another tutorial-like program, providing extra help for struggling students, feedback for homework problems, and graphical representations of answers.

Geomety: Volume of Solids -- Derives volume formulas, gives examples, and calculates volume of data that is entered.

Math Ninja -- This is a game to review basic math facts like flash cards would except the player gets to shoot attacking cats and dogs and earns better weapons by answering math problems correctly.

5 Personal Apps

Drawing Pad -- The new "canvas" of the 21st century youth artist. My kids love it!

Paper Toss -- A fun game of shooting hoops, paper and garbage style.

Angry Birds -- Another almost mindless, time-wasting, addictive game. Played by even Seth, our 2 year old.

BrainPOP -- Little video morsels of knowledge and understanding. Great to balance the games our kids play with this app of some actual brain activity.

SudokuII -- Ok, this is finally a game for me instead of my kids. Sudoku, need I say more?!